Office 2013 Slowing Down Windows

Recently at my work, we got Office 365. Now, we haven’t implemented it yet, but I was told to figure out how it works. So, I installed it. I was very impressed with the amazing modern interface. The problem was that it was slow. As the weeks went by, I noticed my entire Windows environment was slow. I couldn’t even load up a browser without it “not responding.”

As I forgot my MacBook Pro Charger today, I had to use the Windows PC again. I was determined to make this Windows PC work well again. And I did it. The issue ended up being that having Multiple versions of Office on one computer tends to slow it down. So I did the most logical thing and uninstalled Office 2007, and voila the machine is nice an speedy again. Then all I needed to do was repair Office 365, and I was good to go.

I have been working all today on it and the computer feels like new again.