How to fix LTE, iMessage, and FaceTime problems after iOS10 jailbreak.

Alright, so this morning @qwertyoruip or Luca Todesco dropped the iOS 10 jailbreak. It is a bit advanced to get setup, and I’ll touch on that in another tutorial. Right now I’m going to help those who are Jailbroken get their LTE and iMessage and FaceTime working again. Words in bold are the commands to copy and paste into Terminal. This tutorial is made for anyone of any level of technical knowledge. Just follow my steps carefully and you will be able to accomplish the task at hand.

The first part of this tutorial will focus on how to fix the permission issues that are not allowing cellular data to work.

Step 1: Launch Cydia and install MTerminal

Step 2: Once installed launch Mterminal (it will be on your homescreen called Terminal)

This is what you should see.


Step 3: We need to log in as root. Otherwise it will say we don’t have permission to change the permissions. Anyways, su root then press enter.

Step 4: It will prompt you for a password. If you haven’t changed it before it will be the default which is alpine Make sure it is all lower case sometimes the keyboard will want to capitalize the first letter make sure it doesn’t.

Once you press enter, and if you entered the correct password, you will see this.

Step 5: Copy the terminal command below. The ; are all supposed to be there. What it does is seperate each command so you can put it in one line and terminal knows to do one after the other (in the simplest terms that’s what it does).

chmod 777 /var; chmod 777 /var/mobile; chmod 777 /var/mobile/Library; chmod 777 /var/mobile/Library/Preferences

In terminal there is a way to paste all thought it isn’t that apparent tap, 1 or 2 times, near the middle right quadrant of the screen as shown below.


Step 6: Press paste and then hit return. It will show just another line as it does in the picture below. That is good. That means there are no errors. In terminal, it doesn’t always give feedback when doing a command and specifically when doing these type of commands.


Step 7: Now that we have ran the command to change the permissions we need to reboot. Type reboot and press return. Your iPhone will reboot.


Step 8: Once it finishes you will have cellular back as it was before.


Recommended last step: This is optional and unrelated to the tutorial but recommended. Please do this for your safety and the safety of your device. Change your root and mobile user password. This will keep you safe from someone connecting to your device over a network and being able to do things to your device.

In terminal again become root

enter su root

enter alpine as the password. We are now going to change it.

run passwd (create any password you like but do not forget it. this is changing the password for root.)

run passwd mobile (this is the same only changing the password for mobile.)

and you are done.


Next we will fix iMessage and FaceTime issues. I will demonstrate fixing iMessage and then you will repeat the same process for FaceTime.


Step 1: Go into settings and scroll down to Messages


Step 2: Now yours may look different because mine is already fixed. Anyways turn off iMessage.



Step 3: Turn iMessage back on. Now don’t panic it will hang on “waiting for activation.” Go to step 4.


Step 4: Swipe to go back to the main settings page or press the top left where it says “< Settings.” Then press the home button to go back to your home screen.


Step 5: Open Settings, scroll down and go into messages. You should see iMessage activated and if you go into “Send and Receive” you should see your number there and your various emails that are attached to your Apple ID.


Step 6: Repeat the same process to fix FaceTime.


Thanks guys let me know if you have any problems or corrections in the comments below. Hope this helps!