How to Rebuild iTunes Library

I have been hearing lately from people that iTunes is giving them some trouble. It doesn’t show correct album artwork, songs aren’t loading, iPhone won’t sync properly, etc. This can usually be remedied by rebuilding the Library from scratch. In this tutorial I will walk you through how to do this. Continue reading “How to Rebuild iTunes Library”

How to Make Times New Roman and Double Spaced Default in Microsoft Word for Mac

A while back Microsoft thought it was a good idea to change the default font of Microsoft Word to Calibri and leave spacing default to single. To be honest, I don’t know who really wants this. Most every paper I’ve ever written required Times New Roman and Double Spaced. Now, every time you create a new document you have to go and change it. This gets tedious after a while. So is there a way to change this so that Times New Roman is always the default and double spaced is selected at startup? Yes, yes there is. Continue reading “How to Make Times New Roman and Double Spaced Default in Microsoft Word for Mac”

Why is Safari So Slow

I’ve had this phenomenon for years now. Safari works great on a clean install. It’s fast and elegant, but then after a few days it just takes so long, even on the fastest connection, to load one page. Sometimes it won’t even load the page. I’ve tried all the normal fixes like clear the cache, clear browser history/cookies, and reset safari. I’ve even switch browsers, but I always go back to Safari for it’s slim look and small impact on battery and performance. Yesterday, I figured it out. Continue reading “Why is Safari So Slow”

How to Boot Camp USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

In this tutorial I will show you how to install Windows 10 onto a USB hard drive. This can be used as a stand alone bootable windows instillation and if you have a mac a bootable Boot Camp instillation. You will need a Windows PC or virtual machine as well as a Mac if you are wanting to Boot Camp. Before we start, this has only been tested with a USB Hard Drive. This may not work with flash drives.

Continue reading “How to Boot Camp USB 3.0 External Hard Drive”