About Me

Hi, I’m Mark Anderson. Nice to meet you. I hope you are loving your visit to my site. Me, I’m an I.T. Technician that loves to help people with technology. I love to take seemingly complicated tasks and make them easy for any person to do. That is why I wanted to make this site.

Me and Colt

markthetech.com is about me trying to make it easier for you to do computer tasks that seem hard, but when I explain it can be easy. I want to make everyone who follows one of my tutorials feel like they are safe going from one step to the other. Everything will be explained in detail so nothing important will be missed.

I guess I should talk a little more about me than just about the site. So, like I said, I’m an I.T. Technician. I live in Minnesota with my lovely wife, Rebekah and dog, Colt. Rebekah is the best wife in the world and I love her more than you can imagine. Colt has been my best friend through everything and is the best dog ever, no seriously he is, trust me.

Me and Rebekah

So this was just a little about me. Please enjoy the rest of my blog where I will show you tips and tutorials of some fun projects that I will help you accomplish.